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Following was some as much as information the Incubator / Hatching Machine.

Incubator was a machine that designed to replace incubation task by animal parent which it have one control system to control temperature, humidity and other circumstances of necessity to hatch that animal egg.

Usually for bird egg such as species of birds ( chicken, duck dsb ), temperature that in use would be around 37– 38oC in different incubation period to every species.

On this day, incubator widely used in breeding industry whether small, medium or large.


  1. hen will be laying year round without need to go through incubation period, this would be increased egg quantity that produced per year
  2. Growth rate and hatching time chick can be standardized, chick that hatch together also able save upbringing space because no hen needed, this facilitate animal husbandry process.
  3. Less threatening from predator such as iguana, snake, monkey, fox and so on and hidden from result coldness natural environment.
  4. No carrier of disease threat such as bacteria, fungus, mite, insect,
  5. Less damage risk result egg parent / hen, like eggs break stepped, pecked and eaten, incubate when wet fur, egg not tereram body size result small parent, egg / nest left behind and so on.
  6. Can save eggs that omitted by parent / hen when incubation period still not yet ended for example left behind in 15th day and so on.
  7. Save cost chick purchase live, incubation cost use incubator was once dual lower compared purchasing cost chick.

     Forced air Incubator

    Forced air Incubator was our bestselling product, the features that unique such as soft, durable and easy used there is no in incubator different in the world. Egg displacement manually simplified with shelf usage egg rotor make work turn very simple egg namely by only pulling the rope to oust all egg deep incubator simultaneously. This can avoid water vapour loss and heat deep incubator if we frequent open incubator by way of something oust egg. After that it also able save electric !

    . Forced air Incubator is a kind of incubator that operating use heating principle egg use air moving or eddy. This mean air flow in incubator was by convection aided by blower fan. As such temperature distribution in incubator were better and uniform to all eggs that incubated. This further would maximise that hatching percent eggs.

    Forced air Incubator designed to maximise hatching among the enough eggs nature and unite nicely. It suitable to be used to hatch chicken eggs village, duck, quail, turkey, chicken serama, firefly chicken, chicken serama, layer duck, duck muscovy, goose, peacock, pheasant, Bobwhite quail, Coturnix quail and pigeon.

    Material Forced air Incubator selected based on strength and long term resilience on heat and humidity. Apart from strong and durable, forced air Incubator also light and easy operationalized.


    Thermostat is a device used to control the temperature. Appropriate temperature in the incubator is 38c - 39C

                                                                USD 40 
    WHAT IS Thermometer Humidity?

    Thermometer use to view the humidity temperatureHumidity incubator environment. The right temperature is very important. Keep the humidity Between 55% and 70%

                               USD 30


                             USD 185



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